I am an opera singer…yes….studied and performed in Operatic work for 14 years. HOWEVER, I began my life in a band doing Jefferson Starship and spent many years doing musicals. I specialized for a time in Pop, have studied Jazz and improv, can scat and now am kicking ass in Blues. I like blues because to me Opera is only Italian blues…sung long. I also love making my own healing music using traditional instruments, harp, drums, bowls and tuning forks as well as my voice. Now writing songs too. For a long time my “day job” was doing make up and hair in live theater and film. I also ran and still run Genesis Repertory Ensemble where I have directed and performed in numerous works. I am a healer too. Got into that to heal myself. Now using it for others as well. Reiki, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Sound Healing and more. I am also an ordained Minister. Did that so I can be available for hospital visits for those that need my healing work. I can marry you too! I am also a Pagan and work with Magick and other things that are cool like Tarot and Astrology and Magickal work. I create magick and healing products made for my clients as well. That’s me!